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A passion for woodworking, married with a desire for organization.  It’s that simple.  Mark has been a woodworking hobbyist for over 20 years. It started out in the 1990s making small furniture and repairing wooden structures and decks.  This passion for woodworking grew into a hobby that Mark used to create custom built-in furniture for his family and friends.  Mark has built mantels, desks, juvenile furniture and custom wall built-ins and entertainment centers.  Soon after, friends were asking whether he could help them to improve their living spaces, and often wanted to know “how much would you charge me to build that!”

Shelf Masters was formed to assist homeowners and small businesses with solutions to improve their work and storage spaces.  By customizing each job to provide unique slide out shelving, we work with you each step of the way, from concept, to design and through installation.


Mark Luksic

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Mark has been working with wood for over 15 years and turned his passion into a business.  Shelf Masters was created in order to provide homeowners and small businesses with complete pull-out storage solutions that enable greater organization, more efficient use of space and easier access to stored items in existing cabinets, closets and storage spaces.
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Our Approach

We start with you and your ideas. A conversation-based approach to your needs will help us to understand what you are looking for and how we can work together to improve your existing storage spaces. We then measure and design for a custom fit to ensure a successful installation of your slide out shelving.

>>> Mark is the one who will meet with you, and who will measure for your solution.

Once you have decided what you want to do, Mark stays with you through the entire process. Your shelves are custom built to specifications using 9-ply Baltic Birch plywood. This material is the sturdiest and most commonly used wood material in drawer and cabinet construction. We do not build or install pre-fabricated shelves that you can buy at a home service center. Every installation we service uses only 100% wood material for carcass construction. All materials used in construction are either grown from trees planted in the US, or made from materials in the USA.

>>> Mark is the one who measures your design and who works with our suppliers for your job.

When your shelves and cabinet materials are ready for your installation, Mark is also the craftsman who will meet you again in your home to install your custom pull-out shelving solution.

  • Not a third party contractor or local handyman who just does “installs”.
  • Not a stranger who you have not met before, or someone who has not been to your home to meet with you previously.

Shelf Masters provides you with a single point of contact throughout your entire solution process because we pride ourselves on service and precision installations that deliver exactly what you are expecting.

We provide end-to-end service and stay with you through installation. By doing so, you maintain a personal contact with the only person who will work with you on your job, and you have one person to call if you have questions or service needs thereafter.


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In his workshop, Mark prepares support materials for a custom pantry shelving installation.
In his workshop, Mark prepares support materials for a custom pantry shelving installation.
Even though every shelf is custom designed and built to the specification for each job, Mark still makes sure that each product is exactly what the customer expects.