How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for four years, however Mark has been doing this work as a hobbyist for nearly 20 years. It started with a passion for woodworking that grew into projects for family and friends.  Mark took his passion for building and turned it into the comprehensive pull-out shelving service provider that is now Shelf Masters.


Do you build the shelves and drawers?

Shelf Masters installs custom designed and manufactured slide out solutions from our partners that are leading national manufacturers for these products. Although we have a workshop and all of the tools to build the products, we specialize in the design and installation of the solutions. But we do also build special items to specifications, if needed.


Where are the products made?

All slide out wooden products and shelving items are made by a US-based company whose products are milled from trees that are grown in the US. All products are also assembled and quality-checked by trained and skilled US-based employees.


How soon can you schedule an installation?

Installation times vary based on the size of the customer’s project and the complexity of the products being designed. However most projects can be scheduled within three weeks from the time that we receive your signed order and a deposit.


How long does it take to do a job?

Most jobs can be done in one day, however for multiple room solutions (pantries, closets, mudrooms, etc.) more than one day may be needed. The timing of the project will also depend on how many shelves are being installed and how much preparation is needed before the job can begin.  The estimated time required to complete the job will be discussed with you during your design consultation.


What payment methods do you offer?

Shelf Masters accepts personal checks, cash and payments via PayPal. We do not accept credit cards.


What are your payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 50% provided at time of proposal acceptance and 50% due at project completion. For larger projects where multiple solutions are being designed and installed, and where more than one day/visit may be required, our payment terms are 40% initial payment at time of proposal acceptance, 30% upon completion of the first day, and 30% due at project completion.


What is your product warranty?

Our products have a lifetime warranty. This includes manufacturer defect.  Shelf Masters also warrants all of its installation work with a lifetime warranty.  Warranties do not cover abuse or misuse of the product, products that are removed from their initial installation location, water damage or damage to the product due to overload (beyond the recommended weight limits).


Does Shelf Masters build custom cabinets or other built-in structures?

Shelf Masters builds custom shelving and storage solutions, including built in desks, book-cases and entertainment center. We will work with you for a custom solution if you do not have existing cabinets, however we do not mass produce kitchen cabinets. Click here for a sample of some of the things that we have built, or visit the Services page where you will see examples of the other products and design solutions that we also provide.  But either way, let’s talk!


Who are the people that will work with me in my home?

Mark founded Shelf Masters and is the owner who oversees all aspects of your engagement. From the initial introduction, through the design and measuring and all the way through completion, you will talk to and deal with only one person – Mark.  Shelf Masters was formed not just to provide unique and elegant storage solutions for homeowners, but we also pride ourselves on the single-point-of-contact model that we employ to work with you.  This approach yields greater communication and understanding, and as we have found, it often leads to happier customers who are more than satisfied with our work and professionalism.

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Mark has been working with wood for over 15 years and turned his passion into a business.  Shelf Masters was created in order to provide homeowners and small businesses with complete pull-out storage solutions that enable greater organization, more efficient use of space and easier access to stored items in existing cabinets, closets and storage spaces.
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