Custom Shelving Services Offered

Cabinet Shelving For Kitchens

Every kitchen needs storage, but traditional cabinet shelving does not enable maximum use or storage efficiency. Shelf space alone is not enough to meet the needs of today’s busy families and the demands of the modern kitchen. Shelf Masters will help you to transform your existing cabinet spaces by providing solutions that help to better store, organize and retrieve your items. Regardless of whether it’s mixing bowls, spaghetti pots, disorganized lids or unmatched Tupperware, Shelf Masters can help.

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Custom Shelving For Pantries

Ever tried to find that last can of chicken noodle soup? Or, couldn’t you have sworn that there was an extra jar of peanut butter the last time you went to the store? Remove the hassle of sifting through dozens of cans and boxes by letting Shelf Masters install slide-out shelves that improve the visibility and organization of your food items. For larger items, slide out shelves can also alleviate the need to lift several heavy items to get to the one item you want.


Custom Shelving For Laundry and Mudrooms

Now you can organize laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener and your iron with a simple slide out shelving solution. Again, you won’t have to move heavy bottles to get to the stain remover, or to find that bottle of Woolite that you need to clean your wool sweaters.


Custom Shelving For Garages

Garages have become one of the most versatile spaces in the home. Not just for storing cars and bikes anymore, garages have become the extra space that homeowners are turning to for extra storage for all sorts of household items, in addition to a place where children store toys and sporting goods, and where seasonal items get stored. Often, this pushes the storage space to the limits, and smaller items needed for home and car maintenance get buried under each other or pushed to the back of cabinets and storage shelves. This is another space where Shelf Masters can provide solutions for easy access to common items like batteries, tools and cleaning agents by dedicating a space to them and enabling easier access aside from other items.

Other Projects

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Mark has been working with wood for over 15 years and turned his passion into a business.  Shelf Masters was created in order to provide homeowners and small businesses with complete pull-out storage solutions that enable greater organization, more efficient use of space and easier access to stored items in existing cabinets, closets and storage spaces.
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